EEK. Things have been pretty quiet around here lately. It’s not that I’m being lazy or that there’s nothing to talk about – I’ve just been so exhausted each night over after a day’s work of volunteering at the Perth Fashion Festival over the past week!

I invited my brother over to Fashion Central at Forrest Chase for a show opened to the general public. I really like the student runway shows thus far, so I thought this would be the perfect chance for him to snap some photos for his portfolio!

Here are some of my favourite shots:


And my favourite designs!

970465_10151647819843008_507187236_n1240346_10151647819678008_1675682024_n 1234434_10151647821663008_1644616702_n-1 1238037_10151647821203008_1682113218_n

HOW GORGEOUS ARE THEY!? So in love with them! They’re my picks because I can see myself wearing them though not as smashing as Caris Tiivel of course.

I can’t remember which designers created these looks, because unfortunately there wasn’t any pamphlet containing the names of those featured in today’s show ):

There were a lot more models other than Caris and Evelyn Leckie. They just happened to wear my favourites … though I have to say they are my current favourite models too!

It’s my last day of volunteering tomorrow, which also happens to be the last day of PFF! I am super psyched! Will post more about my experience as a PFF Vollie soon xx

ps. My Instagram has live “updates” of my time at PFF. Follow me on there!

All images taken by my brother, Hafiz.


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