Lately I have been really addicted to Pinterest. It’s such a great way to get inspired. Or waste your day away looking at pretty things (hey at least you’re visually stimulated!). It’s also a good way to “track” my style. I don’t normally go with trends but so very often, I find myself getting attracted to certain things within a particular set of time – as though there is a specific “trend” I’m after in my subconscious.

Such as these cool kicks:

pinterestkicks1. Mirrored Gold Heels from Anthropologie 2. Patent Loafers from Charles and Keith as seen on Aetienne 3. Metallic brogues from Zara 4. Stripe Platform Sandals from Chanel

In the past, I have made some really bad choices in footwear. I would post some photos of them but ugh, they really were too ugly (think badly designed, far from chic clogs and fake Birkenstocks – eugh)!! But that was ages ago, we’re all not perfect and we make mistakes in life. So it’s really useful to know that with Pinterest I am on the right track in my fashion choices. Also, notice the apparent metallic and stripes trend that’s on in my head? Totally unplanned.

My other current favourite looks are anything bright, an all-white ensemble, jazzing up a super casual tshirt with blings and mixed prints!

pinterest fashion

What are your current favourite trends?

x Hannah

ps. I also use Pinterest to heavily source for inspirations for my home, gifts, baking and an upcoming wedding! (not mine) Follow me on here and get inspired!


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