When my cousin came to visit me two weeks ago, we decided to go out and have a shoot with my brother one Friday morning.

I went with the Barbie-like theme that was big on the runways for SS 2014, particularly the lilac hue. It was a spring day, but Mother Nature was once again being temperamental and sunshine was staggered between takes.

lilac dreams pompomlilac dreams against the woodlilac dreams finale It was also the perfect opportunity to use my bicycle as prop. It normally just sits pretty in the garage collecting dust and creating rust. I really wish I could use it as part of my home decor instead but there really isn’t much space to exhibit it indoors.

lilac dreams bicycle 1lilac dreams bicycle 2Photographer: Hafiz Kamsadi // Model & MUA: Siti Shafiqah // Stylist, Wardrobe & Hair: Hannah (that’s me, haha) with tote c/o Stephie’s Shop and linen bomber from Frock This

Let me tell you a story about my bicycle. Uhoh. Here she goes rambling on about something that I’m not interested in again … Sorry, guys. But I’m sure there are people out there who’d love to know? No? Ok I’m going to tell it anyway. So if you’re not interested you can just skip all the way to the last paragraph! Just look out for this DASH – (:

I was on a hunt for a bicycle back when I first came to Perth – it was 5 years ago. To be honest, I’m not much of a cyclist (I’m sure you’d already have figured that out) and I saw it more as an excuse to live out this fantasy to cycle on pretty wheels, cruising around Matilda Bay (where I was staying at that point of time). I also figured, it would be a good idea to cycle to Uni – just like in the movies, you know?

With that said, I was never actively looking for one. I was browsing around on Gumtree and saw this bicycle selling at $700 (I think). It was from a lady staying at Vic Park. I consulted my mom on it (after all, it was her money I was using – technically my allowance, but still generally her cash). I convinced her what an investment it was, how pretty it is (like me, my mom’s weakness is pretty things … especially when it has pink and florals on it *chaching!*). It was claimed to be in great condition, kept indoors to retain its beauty, which it really was no doubt. Still, $700 was a little out of my league so I negotiated for it to be $650 and … it was SOLD!

Ok great. $650 poorer and eating one rice grain per day (I exaggerate) but I was thrilled!! I couldn’t wait to make my way down with my best friend to Vic Park after school! To cut the long story short, we ended up waiting at the wrong house for a good 45 minutes. We even invited ourselves to sit on the wooden bench they had on the front porch! When we finally realized our mistake and did find the correct pick up location, the owner was late. I didn’t mind … my only worry was it was a scam though at this point I can’t remember whether I’d paid for it before or after collection. I was also getting slightly annoyed because I had booked a cab to carry us back home and he had been waiting too. At last, she arrived with her daughter after what felt like an hour and oh my goodness, she was a sight to behold. Seriously, I was girl crushing on the seller at that moment. She had the most amazing bluish green eyes, so slender and tall, with long brown hair … almost looked as if she had just returned from a filming session for Australia’s Next Top Model or something. She was immediately forgiven. It’s okay if she was late, she looked fabulous. And nice. I’m sure it must’ve been her daughter that was holding her up. Also, it was fine that the taxi couldn’t take us because the bicycle was too big for the boot and had to cycle to the main road and flag for a space wagon cab. All good … because it isn’t every day that I get to meet someone so stunning! And kind.

Ok I’m going to cut this story even shorter. The bicycle is HUGE. It might have been perfect for the previous owner who had daddy longlegs but for a midget like me, it was kind of a struggle! I also had this crazy idea of cycling to my college then which was normally a 7 minutes bus ride. It took me over an hour to get to school! The journey was so hilly … and I made the traffic slow down JUST FOR ME. I was so unstable during the ride. I didn’t know how to handle this big baby! My legs were too short to hit the ground at every junction! What a princess right? Oh gawd, I was super embarrassed!! Great idea, HannahYou obviously didn’t think this through properly. I was sweating buckets. In the middle of winter. I was starting to get really annoyed with my jacket, my scarf … My thighs and calves were starting to get really stiff, I was panting (clearly not a healthy one, this one), plus there were more hills to climb … and I had the mind to just chuck the bicycle in a corner and catch the bus instead. Except, the bus doesn’t come for another hour … and I’d be late for class. The entire time I thought to myself, You can do this. You can do this … which was quickly countered with a Crap, you’re going to have to cycle all the way back home at the end of the day. I ended up arriving into class a good 30 minutes late – which would normally get anyone in trouble but I guess because I had been having a great record in school and I was panting and sweating profusely, my Media teacher just asked if I was all right (thanks Emma!) – which I was. Just needed room to breathe and tons of water to hydrate myself with.

I never cycled to college ever again since then. Or to Uni … because I was afraid it might get stolen. Yeah, who wouldn’t at least try steal a bicycle like that?

I have thought through it a couple of times, and my friends have been persuading me as well, to just SELL the bike. But how can I? It’s a rare find. Definitely a white elephant, but surely something as majestic as that shouldn’t be rid of?

So … that’s the introductory post on my bicycle. Oh, also, I was a big Miley Cyrus fan at that point in time and was so excited when I found out she had the same bike!! It was a total coincidence, I promise you.

To reward you for being patient with me (and hello once again to those that totally just skipped over my story) here are some behind-the-scenes photos. They’re gold – because there’s me in basically no make-up and my lounging clothes … and dancing to Ylvis’ The Fox.

lilac dreams beauty 1lilac dreams hairlilac dreams bts 1lilac dreams bts 2Model had the sniffles and was bending over backwards trying to get hold of her tissue.

lilac dreams bts 3lilac dreams bts 4lilac dreams bts 6

Have a great week ahead!

x Hannah


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2 thoughts on “LILAC DREAMS

  1. Farisha 01/10/2013 at 9:15 am Reply

    Hello Hannah!

    I don’t usually read blogs but you’re one of those few I’ll drop by once in a while cause you’re adorably-funny! (No no I’m not stalking hahah, promise) But anyway, love reading your silly misadventures & dramatic descriptions of everything around you!

    p/s Your bicycle is a beautiful white elephant, keep it!

    Hope you’re doing great, wherever you are. :)

    • The Pocket Issue 01/10/2013 at 10:59 am Reply

      Hi Farisha!

      Thank you for your kind words. Hahaha, I know I’m super dramatic and not everyone is tolerant of that so I’m really honoured to be in your blog reading list! ;D

      I am not planning to sell the bicycle! Unless I’m crazily desperate for money (which I hope will never ever happen to me at any given time) hehe.

      It’s really nice of you to drop by (: I hope you have a lovely week ahead! xx

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