My birthday is less than two weeks away.

The other day, Iylia (my boyfriend), asked me, “So what do you want for your birthday”? I kept silent for a while … before stomping my foot and blurting out, “I’ll tell you what I want – what I really, really want!” spiraling into a whole long list of serious wants and him staring at me blankly wishing he’d never ask.

Did you really think that went down? Well okay, it didn’t – because all I really said was, “I don’t know … I can’t think of anything that I want or need right now.”

Before I continue, I’ll just say that most of the things I want, I buy it myself. I have never really practised the whole concept of asking for things that I lust for. I feel much more comfortable getting it using my own money. But the more I thought about it, the more I realised that there are  in fact things that I currently want to have – just that in my head, I’ve always pictured saving up to purchase them myself. And I guess birthdays make for a good excuse to get it without your hard-earned money.

This list might be useful for you too if there’s a birthday coming up and you don’t quite know what to buy for your pal. They’re ideas that can be used for both girls and guys … well, mostly. Unless your guy buddy likes cross-dressing in his free time. In that case, this might be right up your alley (especially #4 – great for creating cleavage apparently?)

At the very top of my list is:


designlovefest blogshopImages taken from designlovefest

BLOGSHOP is essentially a Photoshop bootcamp run by Bri Emery of designlovefest and Angela Kohler of Angela+Ithyle. It takes place over numerous cities including Stockholm and Rome. They actually came down under late last year but I didn’t have enough money at that point to purchase a class and a ticket to Melbourne or Sydney (not forgetting accommodation and travel fares…). Classes go for US$772 each.

I have actually dabbled with Photoshop back in high school when I did Art, as well as in Uni for my media classes. But to be honest with you, all those years meant NOTHING to me. To put it simply, I suck at photoshop. No really, I do. I get lost in those different layers that you need and the lasso and magnet and whatever else … With that being said, I do think that photoshop is an incredibly useful skill to have in the line of work that I am in and want to work towards. Also meeting and being taught by BRI EMERY!?? Uhm, nothing beats that. And I’m hundred percent positive that I will finally master it.

So classes go for $772 … and that’s okay. I am willing to pay for half of it, as I would for my airfare (when I am done starving myself and sell all my belongings, ha ha). But Houston, we have a problem when my dad doesn’t allow me to travel out of Perth or Singapore – on my own, or even with my girlfriends. And nothing can change his mind. Sigh. Moving on …


bikram yoga

I have recently started doing Bikram Yoga. I’m actually loving it so far regardless of getting dizzy spells for one hour and a half. You feel like death during class and you produce so much sweat you wonder if it’s really you peeing instead? Okay, I kid. It’s really rejuvenating, I promise you. And really stinky too (not you, the other yogis … also the carpet and mats ha ha) – that I can promise you as well! I get so much adrenaline after each class that I’d start talking non stop – mostly crap, but still, bursting with energy … a goodnight’s rest is also guaranteed because you would’ve been super exhausted by the end of the day!

I am currently on a 10 day trial but I do want to continue after that … so I wouldn’t mind some kind of sponsorship for it. Even if it’s a voucher for 2 classes ($18 per class or $85 for 5 sessions at my local studio), I’m all right! Ha!

I’d gladly take a contemporary/hiphop dance or kickboxing classes too. I’ve been wanting to do them in a long time!


makeup ysl benefitYSL Touche Éclat ($55), Benefit Porefessional ($53), Benefit Tints ($55 each)

You want to talk about lust? These babies are what I’ve been lusting after. I wear make-up on most days but because I am such a bargain-hunter, I don’t use any of these … simply because I feel like I can’t part away with that much money to be put on my face. In fact, the stuff I use are all from drugstore (in my case, Priceline – oh gawd, I LOVE Priceline!!) …

drugstore makeup bourjois maybelline innoxaInnoxa Pure Silk Skin Primer ($24.95), Maybelline Fit Me Concealer ($14.95), Bourjois Blush ($20)

Don’t get me wrong … the stuff I have are great! Especially for the price you pay. I would personally recommend the Innoxa primer out of this lot because it feels expensive, glides on smoothly and functions very well as a primer. But it’s nice to have something luxurious once in a while too, right?


braNubra from $49.99

Do you own one of these? Have you even heard of it? If you answered no to any of these questions, I suggest you hop over to the site now and maybe get yourself a pair! I got mine about a month ago and have been itching to purchase another one even though there isn’t a need for it. It feels liberating! Makes you reminisce about your carefree pre-pubescent days … if you know what I mean.


airfryerPhilips Airfryer at $329.95

Shizzle ma nizzle … an AIRFRYER!? Ah, the one true sign of aging aka domesticity or maybe not since I need an airfryer instead of actually just using the wok or pan like all other good domesticated women do. To be honest, my mom had already gifted me with this back in August when my family came to visit. I have a deep fear of deep frying as a result of bad science (think water and oil .. x2) so this was heaven-sent! I do love it! Just that I’m quickly learning that airfrying isn’t for everything … like puff pastries and banana fritters. Damn. And there I was thinking it was magic.

How do you like my Top 5 Gift list so far? Yay? Or Nay? I’ll come clean, I can probably come up with a lot more things to add to this list, but I just feel they are insignificant enough. Or nearly impossible. Like hiring someone to blow dry or style my hair each morning. Maybe even traveling to New York City like my dad promised me for my graduation last year. Or more feasible things like, silk bedsheets … or new shoes. I can never get enough of shoes. Maybe what I really need is a walk-in wardrobe? A girl can dream … or pin stuff onto Pinterest.  

What are some of your best presents you’ve received or gifted? I’d love to know!

x Hannah

All images taken from Pinterest and all prices are in AUD unless stated otherwise.


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2 thoughts on “TOP 5 BIRTHDAY PRESENTS

  1. Melissa 09/10/2013 at 10:37 pm Reply

    Helloooo Hannah! Your blog posts are so cheerful and it never fails to bring me a smile!! I definitely agree wholeheartedly with the part where it’s a lot nicer to be able to get the things ourselves with our hard earned money!! ;) You go girl! Btw, I didn’t know that you were going to Bikram yoga, I’m planning to start too!! AND OMG, don’t even get me started on wanting to join other dancing classes hahahaha!! Which centre do you go to!! :D

    • The Pocket Issue 09/10/2013 at 10:50 pm Reply

      Hi Melissa!!

      Hahaha, thank you for your kind words – I’m glad that my wacky ways put a smile on your face :D Hehe, yeah it’s really nice to purchase things using your own money – no pressure whatsoever but with that said, of course, getting pampered once in a while is great too!

      Hahahaha, I have wanted to dance ALL MY LIFE!!! But was never really encouraged to … (not because I’m bad LOL!!) so I just dance on my own at home whahaha. I do yoga in Vic Park! Where do you live? Maybe we can go one day or just to have coffee or something x

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