machell backdropA backdrop I’d love to install in my living room by Machell

My Saturday was all kinds of wonderful having spent the afternoon with my gal pal Emma at First Comes Love, a bridal fair initiated by Studio Bomba, amongst the rustic grandeur of St George’s College.

It was like my Pinterest boards came to life as I meandered through the different halls filled with kitschy booths and equally colourful vendors. Our experience was made even more eventful when of us bumped into an ex … with his bride-to-be. How awkward!! Right!? To be honest, I don’t think we would’ve wanted to spend the day any other way … it was a classic chick flick plot!

So we walked away feeling completely inspired (half of the time a little flustered from trying to avoid the duo). Bridal fairs aren’t just for brides, you know? It was a perfect excuse to swim yourself around pretty works of art! Though I personally understood the stress that a bride would have to go through … everything looks amazing – how do I even choose how to decorate my reception – do I go with ivory serviettes or cream? The Marie Antoinette theme or the secret garden? Which photographer do I use? The one who gets me or the one within my budget? Ahh! So hard! No wonder Bridezillas exist!! Funnily enough, growing up, I have never actually dreamt of a big wedding! If I could, I would just sign the papers and go off. Ha ha ha! 

Now however, I do wish I can at least have Paletas served at my wedding. What do you think?

st george's garden Mmm mmm … Salted Caramel La Paletafirst comes love popcornFree bag of popcorn! You can take a peep at the beauty of St George’s College – the perfect wedding venue!uwa umbrella 1At UWA’S Winthrop Hall

Thereafter, we walked over to our Alma Mater to reminisce the dear old days. Emma and I actually first met at our French class 3 years ago! It was really good to be back – and not having to mull over assignments and tests. Wait, it actually felt incredible!!

uwa umbrellaTop – ebay, $13.90 // Skorts – Chicabooti, $25.99 // Umbrella – Ikea, $4.95 // Shoes – Melissa, $109 // Bag – Coach, gifted

Would you enter a bridal fair even if you were not getting married? Or would you avoid it at all costs so you won’t get depressed?

x Hannah

All images taken by Emma on my iPhone. Images are crappy due to lousy, temperamental weather and not to be held responsible by Emma’s skills. 


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