Last month, my cousin and our partners took a spontaneous trip down south. By spontaneous we really mean covering 1100km under 36 hours – with an approximate total of 15h non-stop driving. It was madness!! But also really fun … the things you should do when you’re still young, huh? C’est la vie!

down south 1down south 2down south 5down south 4down south 16down south 6down south 15down south 7down south 8down south 8down south 9down south 13down south 14down south 15down south 10down south 12

You can see what I mean by packing minimally – I wore the same lightweight coat and jeans for 2 days. We visited places like Margaret River, where we also tasted great home-made scones with lavender jam and cream, Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse over in Augusta which was crazily windy, the Gap and Natural Bridge over in Albany followed by a scrumptious lunch and chocolate cake at 14 Peels Place before we drove back to metropolitan Perth – stopping by the vast fields of canola crop along Albany Highway for a Kodak moment. What I would give for another trip like this again!

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