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“Heartland” is the AW 2013 range by Singapore’s womenswear brand, hansel. Designer Jo Soh was largely inspired by HDB buildings, which are essentially the island’s public housing system. Most of us Singaporeans live in HDB apartments or at least grew up in one. They are the nation’s solution for a country challenged with limited land area.

hansel 1

Life living in a HDB is incredibly vibrant as you experience different cultures melted under a big roof. Boasting a sense of quirky minimalism, I found the Heartland campaign to be a rather accurate interpretation of this with a whole lot of nostalgia thrown in.

hansel 2

If you have never been to Singapore, I would strongly recommend to take a walk around the “suburban” residential areas of the country – it’s a far cry from the bustling and sometimes claustrophobic nature of Orchard Road. Most of the time, heartlands are your go-to places for hidden gems – from food to beauty services. In fact, in Singapore, kitschy cafes are fast sprouting in the nooks and crannies of these HDB estates. So it is actually befitting for a stylish and sprightly brand such as hansel to take on this concept for their latest collection.

hansel 5

And let’s just say, I never thought I’d sport someone chic wearing printed blocks of flats on her tee or dress … especially not the HDB flats! It just isn’t cool! But hansel has hit home with this range, tugging at our old aching hearts that would cling onto any remnants of our youth.

What do you think about this collection? Would you wear any of these pieces out? I personally like the monochromatic skirt and top best! You should also hop on over to their website and check out their other campaigns – cute as hell!

All images taken from hansel’s facebook page


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