Last Saturday, I had the opportunity of attending an Instagram workshop organised and conducted by the incredibly talented Meghan Plowman at The Tenth State in Crawley.

I know what you’re thinking … a workshop for Instagram? Are you serious!? 

Yes, in fact, I really am. While Instagram is the popular app where you find pictures of #food, #cat, #dog, #sky and of course, #selfies, it is also at the top of my go-to place to find #inspiration. Styling inspiration to be exact.

Still unsure why would anybody attend a freakin INSTAGRAM workshop? You’re not the only one. My boyfriend was puzzled too.

meghanplowman2 Workshop includes free goodies, free coffee and free cupcakes (not pictured)

When I first downloaded Instagram on my phone 3 years ago, I never imagined how big of a thing it would become. No, seriously. I honestly only downloaded it because there wasn’t much of photo editing apps available at that time and Instagram filters were one of the firsts for me! I barely followed anyone and had any followers – it was solely for me to make use of the filter features. Looking back at them now, I think Eugh!!  Photos in X-Pro II – gross! Earlybird? Hipster wannabe! Kelvin … what in the world …
You have to see it to believe it. Do a compare and contrast and you’ll know what I mean.

Default Instagram filters no more!

Now, Instagram is an exceptionally powerful tool in terms of getting buzz and increasing hype. Instagram is such an easy, convenient app, especially when compared to Facebook. Posting photos are easy as and showing appreciation towards them is as simple as a “double tap”. I’m sure I speak for many when I say that I’m so addicted to Instagram that sometimes I would “double tap” to like photos … on Facebook. No, it doesn’t work. But that’s exactly how powerful Instagram is.

Even if you don’t have an Instagram account, as long as you’re hooked on to a social media platform you’re bound to see an Instagram post somewhere – thanks to the “sharing” feature on all these social media avenues.

Some of WA’s creative mummies at the workshop

I attended this workshop alongside other creatives and businesses. We want to make our pictures pretty for a reason! Businesses gain so much from Instagram not only in sales and a wider customer base but also to build rapport with customers themselves. Creatives get to keep in touch with other creatives and along the way gather inspiration from their palm-sized screens and make more magic!

Most of the photos on the blog are taken using my iPhone – and that’s exactly what I use my Instagram for as well. To take pictures and share them. A little like ‘on-the-go’ blogging (let’s not bring in Dayre just yet).I rely heavily on Instagram to get connected. The app makes it so easy to be in the loop of things, and even make new friends! It’s awesome.

meghanplowman5Exercising what I’d learnt from the workshop

Meghan’s workshop helped to instil this for me (and for the rest too, I’m sure of it). She gave us tips on how to use Instagram cleverly to help our career goals. Also, to not be a pain in the ass (LIKES 4 LIKES!!! SHOUT OUT FOR SHOUT OUT!!!)

meghanplowman4Getting my addiction on

Surprisingly for me who’s already on Instagram 24/7, Meghan’s workshop made me even more addicted to the app. I never thought it would be possible. So now I’m on it 25/7. I even took a picture of the freakin candle in the TOILET at The Tenth State!! It smelled really nice.

meghanplowman6Pushing my addiction further

But like I said, Meghan is an incredibly talented lady. And I would highly recommend her workshops in the future.

It doesn’t actually. Just an excuse for me to post up another picture.

x @thepocketissue

ps. that’s “the pocket issue”, not “the pocket tissue” :D

All images taken using my iPhone

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  1. housenerdmaya 18/12/2013 at 7:28 pm Reply

    Woohoo!! I was so happy I did this workshop! Your Instagram is looking purdy by the way ;)

    • The Pocket Issue 19/12/2013 at 12:27 am Reply

      I’m thrilled too! And thank you! Yours is looking fine as well :D May we both have awesome looking Instagram feeds for 2014 and beyond!! #itsanobsession

      • housenerdmaya 19/12/2013 at 6:51 am

        #itreallyis #isometimeslookatinstafirstthingwhenIwakeup #whatshappenedtome

      • The Pocket Issue 19/12/2013 at 7:19 pm

        hahah! #welcometomyworld #notevenkidding #refreshrefreshrefresh #nolife #instawhore :p

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