melbourne 1The famous Flinders Street in Melbourne CBD bustling at 10 am

Melbourne is the epitome of eclecticism. I’ve been to the capital of Victoria twice before, but all before I was 13 – and honestly, the city is wasted on the young (unless you’re a cool kid like my 10 year old sister who lists “Indie Folk” as her favourite music genre). I have been waiting to go back in years, literally. And I was super super thrilled to finally be there a few weeks ago. I didn’t want to leave! And only did because I spent most of my savings in the city and really should get back to work and start saving again (the cycle never ends).

melbourne 2Our AirBnB accommodation at St Kilda’s – so Scandinavian chic

It was so hard looking for a place to stay in Melbourne only because on airbnb, there’s too many incredible places to pick from! I’m quite sure it took me a week to finally make my decision (“Are you finding for a place to stay or are you after a place to buy?“, asked my charming-but-also-not-very-amused boyfriend). I chose St Kilda because it’s away from the hustle and bustle of the CBD, which my parents indefinitely enjoyed (save for the weekend partying) yet still boasts vitality and character.

This is a lovely apartment with high ceilings and it’s equipped with all the things you’d need – including washing machine, clothes dryer, cooking utensils and even free wifi and Apple TV! Oh, but they don’t provide any hair dryer (which was initially a problem for my mom).

melbourne smarket1melbourne smarket2 IGA Supermarket literally just across the street from the apartment

I would definitely recommend staying here if you’re not going to be in the CBD area the whole time. It’s easily accessible with just 2 minutes walk from the tram stations, supermarket is just across the street, a stone’s throw from Luna Park and St Kilda’s Beach, about 6 minutess drive to Chapel Street, 15 minutes to Chadstone mall, 10 minutes to CBD … you get my drift!

Sold? Jump on here if you’re interested. (Seriously, not sponsored or anything – in case you were wondering). Even if you’re not going anywhere for holiday, go ahead and browse through all the different homes up for rent worldwide on airbnb. I LOVE looking through places that I can only dream of going and seeing the different ways people live and decorate their houses across the globe.

Oh by the way, the trams? You have to make sure you purchase your myki card before traveling on them. We weren’t sure how the systems operate in Melbourne and I had innocently thought we could purchase our fare on board the trams … only to find out that there is no such thing. And then it made me wonder if tram rides were free (great if they were!) because I carefully studied the people jumping on the carriages and nobody tapped on their cards. Well, anyway, those were free-loaders. Get your myki cards and pay responsibly to be safe from fines.

melbourne 3In front of the GPO, where you can find brands such as LifewithBird, Acne, Zimmermann and Gorman.

My first day in the city, not knowing where to start!

melbourne 4
On Degraves Street where cafes and little businesses are lined

melbourne 5melbourne 6
Little Cupcakes on Degraves St

It’s also where you can find Little Cupcakes! We had a little breakfast here before taking the free shuttle to Chadstone Fashion Capital from Flinders Street.

melbourne 8Federation Square, just opposite the iconic Flinders Street station

melbourne federation sq
Federation Square just a few days later

melbourne 12melbourne 11
Flowers from Chapel Street and Queen Victoria Market

Florists are abundant in Melbourne, as with street art!

melbourne 13melbourne 14melbourne street artmelbourne 15
Perry Street in Collingwood, Queen Victoria Market and Ackland Street in St Kilda

We also managed to squeeze in a trip to Luna Park just a day before we left! It’s a pretty small themed park with limited amount of rides, but my siblings and I had a lot of fun! Mostly thanks to my dramatic sister, I guess. She’s afraid of taking big rides so we joined her in taking the little ones – and tried to make them feel frightening – by screaming of course! Though to be honest, some of it were actually pretty scary! Making the best out of circumstances, I’d say (;

melbourne 16
Luna Park in St Kilda – free entry but tickets to rides have to be purchased

melbourne luna park
I love this shot my brother took of us in the bumper car ride.

My sister (in the green car) was hilarious! She was practically stuck in that position for ages no matter how many times she steered the wheel.

melbourne 17melbourne 18
Brighton Beach with the colourful bathing boxes

melbourne brighton1
Jumping around like a monkey

I was really happy. Brighton Beach had been on my bucket list for a long time!

melbourne st kilda2Melbourne St Kilda1St Kilda at sundown

On one of the days, we headed to the St Kilda Beach to watch the sunset. It was amazing. There are restaurants nearby, buzzing with happy crowds, people were laughing, playing on the beach. So cliché, but a great way to end the day, really.

Of course, a trip to Melbourne wouldn’t be complete without having their coffees and dessert! The café scene is ridiculously large in Melbourne, there simply wasn’t enough time to check out even a pinch of it!

melbourne cbespresso
 GB Espresso in St Kilda

melbourne seven seedsSeven Seeds, near Melbourne Uni

melbourne 19
Sensory Lab on Little Collins Street, Melbourne CBD

melbourne 20
Epicure Kitchen Cafe

melbourne 7La Belle Miette – macarons recommended to me by friends

Two of my friends highly recommended these macarons. I always only order and eat Salted Caramel flavour because a) it’s my favourite and b) to keep it constant for comparison. La Belle’s Salted Caramel didn’t particularly blow my mind. I’m still quite happy with the ones we have here in Perth by Maison Saint Honoré.

melbourne 10
I got hungry

melbourne N2
N2 Gelato in Fitzroy

I know you probably have tried gelato … but have you tried liquid nitrogen gelato? Whatever your answer may be, this pictured cup will definitely Make You So Happy (non-fictional name of said gelato cup)!! It’s made up of milk gelato, miso and caramel peanuts!

melbourne chez dre1
Chez Dré on Conventry Street, South Melbourne

Chez Dré was another dessert place that my friend could not speak any more fondly of. I snuck in a visit when we headed to the South Melbourne Market.

melbourne chez dreSweet treats

I don’t know if you’ll believe me when I say this, but I am really not much of a dessert person. Shocker? Sure I have the occasional sweet tooth but I’m not one of those “Ahhh!! Dessert!? Yes please!!” type of girl. But … these cakes looked divine. Seriously, just LOOK at it. STARE, if you must.

I bought the strawberry cheesecake to-go even though I’d really wanted to take a lot more than that. At $9.50 a pop though I thought I should just get one to try … because you know, what if I don’t like it? Uhm … SO WRONG! Honestly, I picked the cheesecake with my dad in mind because he had been craving for one, and I bought it to share. In the end, I ended up wolfing it down all on my own, wishing I had bought more. Ugh, it was so perfect. I really shouldn’t let the $9.50 (for a piece of small cake) throw me off!

melbourne lark

I will be sharing the places that sucked my money dry in the next post. They’re pretty good though. So good that the things I didn’t physically buy whilst in Melbourne, I purchased online. I know right.. I’m too good of a shopper.

Oh, I will also let you in on a magical place in Victoria that I fell head over heels for. Trust me, you’d wanna know!

Till then,
x hannah

All images taken by my trusty iPhone or by my brother using his fancy DSLR (don’t know about models)

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