A while ago, Kelsie from K Gets Organised invited me to be a part of her Get Organised Series.

Me?! Organised?! By what miracle did this take place!?
My mom would especially love to protest against this … but then again, don’t most moms?

I am not someone who’s super organised, much less fairly, but I guess I do get by so I took on the challenge! It wasn’t very difficult to answer them apparently, because I managed to rattle on like my typical verbose self – something my mom would passionately agree to as well. Wait, why do I keep talking about my mom?!

At the dining table where I spend most of my time: working, Facebooking, snacking
(I also love collecting bright animal figurines in any form)

Click here to find out what song keeps me up and running! You’d be surprise, I promise!! To be fair however, it is currently this awesome tune by George Ezra.

Thank you Kelsie for this lovely opportunity! I can’t believe you picked me to be on the series – the other lasses you interviewed are all so cool.





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