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I know you’ve noticed I’ve been on a hiatus. In fact, I didn’t even finish posting about my Melbourne trip (missing out good ol’ Ballarat)!! After that holiday, I had been living alone – for the first time in my entire life. And things change when you live alone. I think I grew to be somewhat a recluse, preferring to take this whole “living alone” thing to another level by spending time mostly … well, alone (weirdo). I kept my verbose self occupied with Instagram (I’m a LOT more diligent with this thing) and stayed active by running marathons – the New Girl marathon and the Carrie Diaries marathon.

Now that I’m back in Singapore, I have a lot more interesting things to share on this page! I hope you’ll find a thing or two useful and/or interesting.

home_2Wearing dress from Paper Scissors, $15.99

A few hours upon arrival, my family decided to bring me to parts of Singapore that I’ve never been before. I know – how can this be?! Singapore is so tiny! This was taken at the Woodlands Waterfront – literally across from Malaysia (in the background).

This January/February I also got to celebrate Chinese New Year with Iylia and his family for the second time (I missed out on the hong baos or packet money last year – dammit! Hahah!).

Donned in our New Year outfits: Iylia in a shirt I bought him from Pigeonhole and me in a dress from Grammah at Haji Lane. Both were at 50% off. #solucky

I also got to eat lots and LOTS and LOTS (!!!) of good food. What’s a “guide” (not really a guide, just lumping all my pictures together to be honest :3) to Singapore without having pictures of food!? Food is to Singapore what a tap is to a sink (I tried).

home_3Mutton Chop and Bee Hoon Goreng Combo from Adam Road Food Centre, $5

Just about two of my favourite food ever – combined into one single dish!! And won’t you just look at that price!?

home_4Cold soba from Koh Grill & Sushi Bar

home_5Chocolate Hazelnut cake from La Marelle Café

Salted Caramel cupcake from Plain Vanilla Bakery, $3.50

Poached eggs on thick toast, smoked salmon, gruyere and hollandaise from Group Therapy Coffee, $15

Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Tart from Carpenter & Cook, $6.50

Green Banana Cake and Caramel Popcorn cake from The Pantry @ Shop Wonderland

Food in Singapore is a lot more than these sweet treats. I unfortunately didn’t take enough photos of the food I’d consumed.

While in Singapore, I also did a lot of exploring – on my own, or with friends. I love feeling like a tourist in the city I was born in (though Death Cab for Cutie disagrees and I am also really lame).

Raffles Hotel

My cousin, Shafiqah, and I headed down to this popular landmark to visit an exhibition. I like being in here because I forget that I’m in Singapore – although ironically most tourists relate this place to this little island.

Windowshop exhibition by Dawn Ng

Ann Siang Hill

Probably one of the last places in Singapore that still boasts old world charm. It’s the perfect hideaway for drinks with friends at bars or cafés. Or you can follow our lead and pass through here to get from Chinatown to Singapore’s business district.

Wearing Zara top, Forcast pants, Kmart Clutch, Lovisa beads and watch

Haji Lane

No trip to Singapore is complete without a trip to Haji Lane and its surrounding areas. I love Haji Lane for its constant abuse of colours.

Elffin & Elffin café
Books at Soon Lee

Shop with the prettiest front at Wonderland


Wearing top from Zalora, Asos pants and Lovisa accessories

We also took a short stroll from Haji Lane to a Very Small Exhibition by The Letter J Supply at Shaw Towers on Beach Road.


I was being all picky trying to find a dolphin pin out of a whole container full of animals. No, I didn’t find my dolphin.


I did find these two cuties though for $5 a pin!

home_29Wearing Zara top, vintage skirt from Editor’s Market and F21 clutch

Tiong Bahru

As one of the oldest housing estates in Singapore, Tiong Bahru was recently given the treatment it needed to inject vibrancy into this quiet and mellow neighbourhood. It is now filled with gems hidden in each and every nook. You can find plenty of cafés here as well as boutiques that offer local or exclusive products.

Plain Vanilla Bakery

Woods in the Books

The Dispensary

Remnants of Singapore’s past

Fell in love with the typography and attracted to the concept of these jars found at Bloesem Shop

Taken by the lovely Irene, owner of Bloesem. Here I’m wearing vintage yellow pants found in Northbridge, beaded necklace from a shop in Mandurah and Decjuba‘s clutch

Err, one pants two ways?

Coincidentally, I had worn the same pair of pants taken on my last visit to Tiong Bahru. What can I say? This girl’s been rotating her minimal wardrobe for a month now.

Speaking of wardrobe, here are some of my buys in Singapore:

Floral dress (worn earlier in the post) and candies from Grammah, botanical top from Bysi, tote bag and brooches from wheniwasfour and card by Teresa Lim

Parrots clutch from C.A.M, Bak Choy tote and 70s plates from Oddyssey – Odds & Whatnots

Pink Pointed Pumps from Charles & Keith, $79.90

I bought the above pair (trust me, there’s one for my left foot) to commemorate the start of a new job! Yes, I am moving on to a full-time, office working environment. Not exactly my childhood dream … but this will hopefully get me there one day!! Which also brings me to the next point: I’m moving back to Singapore come March, leaving practically a week to pack up my Perth life. Heartbreaking.

While I’m upset that I will be leaving my home of almost 6 years now, I’m very much excited to start this new life too! Singapore’s been good to me the past month and I can’t wait to discover more things about my hometown to share with all of you. For more instantaneous updates, look me up on Instagram! @thepocketissue (shameless plug, yay!)

I hope you’ve also enjoyed this post where I’d aimed to show all of you living abroad the good finds in Singapore and to those already here, to constantly keep our eyes open because Singapore really isn’t that boring if you look hard enough – me, included!


All images are mine




Last Saturday, I had the opportunity of attending an Instagram workshop organised and conducted by the incredibly talented Meghan Plowman at The Tenth State in Crawley.

I know what you’re thinking … a workshop for Instagram? Are you serious!? 

Yes, in fact, I really am. While Instagram is the popular app where you find pictures of #food, #cat, #dog, #sky and of course, #selfies, it is also at the top of my go-to place to find #inspiration. Styling inspiration to be exact.

Still unsure why would anybody attend a freakin INSTAGRAM workshop? You’re not the only one. My boyfriend was puzzled too.

meghanplowman2 Workshop includes free goodies, free coffee and free cupcakes (not pictured)

When I first downloaded Instagram on my phone 3 years ago, I never imagined how big of a thing it would become. No, seriously. I honestly only downloaded it because there wasn’t much of photo editing apps available at that time and Instagram filters were one of the firsts for me! I barely followed anyone and had any followers – it was solely for me to make use of the filter features. Looking back at them now, I think Eugh!!  Photos in X-Pro II – gross! Earlybird? Hipster wannabe! Kelvin … what in the world …
You have to see it to believe it. Do a compare and contrast and you’ll know what I mean.

Default Instagram filters no more!

Now, Instagram is an exceptionally powerful tool in terms of getting buzz and increasing hype. Instagram is such an easy, convenient app, especially when compared to Facebook. Posting photos are easy as and showing appreciation towards them is as simple as a “double tap”. I’m sure I speak for many when I say that I’m so addicted to Instagram that sometimes I would “double tap” to like photos … on Facebook. No, it doesn’t work. But that’s exactly how powerful Instagram is.

Even if you don’t have an Instagram account, as long as you’re hooked on to a social media platform you’re bound to see an Instagram post somewhere – thanks to the “sharing” feature on all these social media avenues.

Some of WA’s creative mummies at the workshop

I attended this workshop alongside other creatives and businesses. We want to make our pictures pretty for a reason! Businesses gain so much from Instagram not only in sales and a wider customer base but also to build rapport with customers themselves. Creatives get to keep in touch with other creatives and along the way gather inspiration from their palm-sized screens and make more magic!

Most of the photos on the blog are taken using my iPhone – and that’s exactly what I use my Instagram for as well. To take pictures and share them. A little like ‘on-the-go’ blogging (let’s not bring in Dayre just yet).I rely heavily on Instagram to get connected. The app makes it so easy to be in the loop of things, and even make new friends! It’s awesome.

meghanplowman5Exercising what I’d learnt from the workshop

Meghan’s workshop helped to instil this for me (and for the rest too, I’m sure of it). She gave us tips on how to use Instagram cleverly to help our career goals. Also, to not be a pain in the ass (LIKES 4 LIKES!!! SHOUT OUT FOR SHOUT OUT!!!)

meghanplowman4Getting my addiction on

Surprisingly for me who’s already on Instagram 24/7, Meghan’s workshop made me even more addicted to the app. I never thought it would be possible. So now I’m on it 25/7. I even took a picture of the freakin candle in the TOILET at The Tenth State!! It smelled really nice.

meghanplowman6Pushing my addiction further

But like I said, Meghan is an incredibly talented lady. And I would highly recommend her workshops in the future.

It doesn’t actually. Just an excuse for me to post up another picture.

x @thepocketissue

ps. that’s “the pocket issue”, not “the pocket tissue” :D

All images taken using my iPhone


tangerine 1


Visited a street lined with Jacaranda trees a few weeks ago. The Jacaranda is possibly my favourite tree right now! How magical does this street in South Perth look!?

tangerine 3


I purchased this dress from Valleygirl. It comes in lime too, and I had such a hard time deciding on the colour – went with this one because I haven’t had orange in my wardrobe since I was 12.



tangerine 4


And in true Hannah style, there must always be one wacky shot.



tangerine 5
Dress – Valleygirl, $24.95 | Clutch – Kmart, $12 | Necklace – Lovisa Harbour Town (5 for $20) | Sandals – Melissa, $33 (from Myer)

It’s summer now and Jacarandas are fast-shedding their purple flowers. I’m so lucky to live opposite a few of the trees.

Posting about my trip to Melbourne soon (:

x Hannah

All images shot with my iPhone


hansel 3

“Heartland” is the AW 2013 range by Singapore’s womenswear brand, hansel. Designer Jo Soh was largely inspired by HDB buildings, which are essentially the island’s public housing system. Most of us Singaporeans live in HDB apartments or at least grew up in one. They are the nation’s solution for a country challenged with limited land area.

hansel 1

Life living in a HDB is incredibly vibrant as you experience different cultures melted under a big roof. Boasting a sense of quirky minimalism, I found the Heartland campaign to be a rather accurate interpretation of this with a whole lot of nostalgia thrown in.

hansel 2

If you have never been to Singapore, I would strongly recommend to take a walk around the “suburban” residential areas of the country – it’s a far cry from the bustling and sometimes claustrophobic nature of Orchard Road. Most of the time, heartlands are your go-to places for hidden gems – from food to beauty services. In fact, in Singapore, kitschy cafes are fast sprouting in the nooks and crannies of these HDB estates. So it is actually befitting for a stylish and sprightly brand such as hansel to take on this concept for their latest collection.

hansel 5

And let’s just say, I never thought I’d sport someone chic wearing printed blocks of flats on her tee or dress … especially not the HDB flats! It just isn’t cool! But hansel has hit home with this range, tugging at our old aching hearts that would cling onto any remnants of our youth.

What do you think about this collection? Would you wear any of these pieces out? I personally like the monochromatic skirt and top best! You should also hop on over to their website and check out their other campaigns – cute as hell!

All images taken from hansel’s facebook page


Iylia and I hit up Cambridge Street a couple of weeks ago to have brunch at Piccolo’s Corner in West Leederville. Ugh, I don’t know why we didn’t go to this place sooner but it’s hands down our favourite place to eat in Perth now … yes, even though we’ve only just been there once.

piccolo 1

I absolutely fell head over heels for the eclectic interior style. And I’m also a sucker for small cafes like this. Piccolo’s Corner is neatly tucked in a quiet and pretty residential area.

piccolo 2piccolo 4piccolo 3

Service is amazing as well! Iylia was interested to purchase another bowl of my avocado mix/salad … and Shanel, the owner, personally came to our table and gave him a quick guide on how to make it at home! How sweet, right?

piccolo food

They even sell NERDS!!


Bluebird Vintage was definitely in the itinerary after brunch. I’m usually good with directions and navigations but this time, I swear I had no idea the store was literally streets away from Piccolo! Score!! Bluebird Vintage is located on Cambridge Street, Wembley while Piccolo’s Corner is located on a road off Cambridge Street in West Leederville … hence the title of this post. Hehe.

bluebird 1

Isn’t the changing room pretty at Bluebird!?  A little small, but entirely lovely. Most of the mirrors up on the wall are for sale … but what I really wanted was that Tiffany blue wrought iron chair. I think that’s for Bluebird to keep! ): The store has all sorts of vintage goods that are reasonably priced! From toys to branded shoes.

bluebird 2

Words cannot describe how happy I feel when stores have chairs that customers can actually sit on! Whenever there’s somewhere for Iylia to stay comfortably and submerge himself in Scramble and Songpop (two of his favourite iPhone games), I feel at ease shopping! No pressure! Because men who are comfortable are men who won’t complain! HAHA. It’s true. Unless you take like 2 hours to shop … then that’s pushing it.

bluebird 3 Dress – flea market in Singapore, $3 // Necklace – Lovisa, $3 (on sale) // Bag – thrifted from Anglicare, $9 // Shoes – Big W, $15

I purchased a cute 1960s lace shift dress with a not-so-cute price tag so I won’t reveal the cost. Ha! It’s not as bad as you think, but as a bargain queen I am pretty embarrassed at the price I paid. Can’t wait to share it with you!

x hannah


Oh dear. I’ve been naughty – neglecting this space.

To make up for it, this is my week (or two) in gist. Or in other words, according to Instagram.


outfit collageLeft to right:

1) Perth Glory vs Melbourne Hearts soccer match (1-0 score, fyi)
2) Perth Glory vs Sydney FC soccer match (exact score, if you’re interested)
3) Araluean Botanic Park


places collage

1) Toilet in Sayers Sister – one of my recent favourite cafes in Perth. Considering moving in.
2) This is where I have lunch on days that I do my internship – isn’t it charming!? I LOVE this space.
3) Took a much needed cooling down at San Churro Mandurah – it was SO hot that day!
4) The only vibrant flowers I saw at Araluean Botanic Park – the rain started to pour at this point.



I am an avid Flat White drinker … though it doesn’t necessarily mean I am a coffee connoisseur. That’s also because I usually have about 1.5 – 2 teaspoons of sugar with my coffee. Yeapp, I know. I have a sweeth tooth.

1) I tried the Adventure Blend at Sayers Sister which apparently has a mix of floral and fruity notes.
2) Casa Bianchi Flat White matches my iPhone cover – heck yes!


iylia collage

I don’t know if you are interested in this (ha!) but Iylia and I have been spending our weekends watching soccer matches supporting Perth Glory (of course), as well as ticking off places on his WA bucket list before he goes back to Singapore for good </3. While I’m very happy that he’s finally completed his honours dissertation, I am doubly sad because I will no longer have my favourite buddy. Tears aside, I thought this will be the best time to maximise his WA experience.

We’re always keen to try new places to discover. I’m thinking of going for dinner at KiRi Japanese in Shenton Park over the weekend as well as a day trip to Rottnest Island (can you believe I’ve never been?! Apparently it’s one of the BEST things about WA!!).
If you are a Perthie, share with me your favourites!

Follow me on Instagram @thepocketissue!

x Hannah


lovisa diamond simulant necklace 1lovisa diamond simulant 3shilla pants 1shilla pants 2 shilla pants 3Pants – Shilla, $45 (on sale) // Tshirt – Sportsgirl // Necklace – Lovisa, $50 (though I paid half price as part of staff privileges) // Accesories – Lovisa // Clutch – Kmart, $12

If you are familiar with Singapore/Malaysian delicacies, you would know the bandung (bahn-doong) drink – rose cordial syrup mixed with milk. It is equivalent to Indonesia’s Happy Soda sans the fizz.

These pants remind me of bandung because of its milky rose colour. It was my first time wearing it out even though I’ve had it for about 2 weeks now (a case of short legs needing a little hem up) and I am just SO happy with it! Though it doesn’t fall as comfortably within my spending budget, it is however incredibly comfortable. A must pair for spring/summer I reckon!

The bright colour also makes it a fun and easy pairing! I have offset the glamorous feel of the diamanté necklace with a boyfriend tee, comfy wide leg pants and some platform heels – such an easy outfit … especially for a Friday! I foresee myself wearing this pants A LOT so I might just scoot over to Shilla and get myself another pair … “just in case” something happens to it – you never know!!

All images taken by Iylia

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