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melbourne shop1Whoohoo!! Time to get wild! And by that I mean shopping!

Anyone you meet who’s either been to Melbourne or dreamt of going will tell you that you’lll most definitely have an awesome time shopping … unless you’re my brother. “Who goes to shop in Melbourne!?” – Yah! I know right. I got quite mad when he quipped this! Even if he was joking! >:[

I take my shopping very seriously! This is my curated list of Melbourne shopping. Said list could have been longer if we had more time there.

First up.

melbourne shop2
Chapel Street Bazaar 
217 Chapel Street, Prahran

Chapel Street Bazaar was one of the first few shopping places we went to. It is a secondhand store sectioned into individual stalls. At first glance, you wouldn’t notice this and would think it’s just one MASSIVE treasure trove but if you look closely, you’d realise the different labels tagged to pre-loved items. One thing to note is that you will most definitely get lost in here because there’s just so many things to discover. I navigated my way through using Google Maps. I’m kidding. But I should have … because I’m certain I didn’t cover every inch of the store. Due to the wide variety of items in here, which are mostly knick knacks, homewares and furniture, the price range is rather vast.

melbourne shop3melbourne shop4
I was incredibly fascinated by this arrangement
melbourne shop4
Playing dress up at the store, pretending I’m in a You’re Invited To Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Party series

melbourne shop16
melbourne shop5melbourne shop5How purdy is that Tiffany blue dish?

There’s so many interesting things to see here at the market! I had a lot of fun showing my sister things from my childhood and fussing over toys we were both familiar with. Having a lot of things to survey can also be overwhelming, so though I really intended to, I left empty-handed at this store. My mom on the other hand, walked away happy with some lace placemats.

melbourne shop5Swan Emporium
248 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

I had heard a lot of great things about Fitzroy – on how it has great shops. I walked in to Swan Emporium because I was attracted to the colours I saw inside the store! It was so bright and wonderful.

melbourne shop10Calendars by Rifle Paper Co.

I was thrilled when I saw these Rifle Paper Co. calendars. I am a huge fan of type and illustrations and practically squealed – before letting out a little whimper because I absolutely cannot afford to pay $40 for a stack of paper that’s most likely going to collect dust … even though they are so beautiful.

melbourne shop11melbourne shop12

Besides loving typography and illustrations, I am also a full-on magpie. I was instantly drawn to this bowl of sequined ornaments!

melbourne shop13Dressing Room at Swan Emporium

The store also has a saccharinely sweet range of pretty clothes! I fell in love with this dress below.

melbourne shop14 Trying out the Underneath the Blossom Tree dress – $69

I really really liked the dress but it was a tad too small for me (Imagine if I had bought more Chez Dré cakes!!) My heart shattered. I was ready to part with $69. When I first jumped on to the site (on the very same day), I saw that my size was also out of stock there! But I’m happy to report that all sizes (except sz 10) are now back up online! If you are interested (;

I did however manage to purchase these deers online …

melbourne shop9Deer Christmas Decorations, $12

I posted this same snap on Instagram asking if I should buy any of these deers. There was a resounding yes – but it was too late! I was out of the store by then. I kept thinking about them day and night, going back to my photo gallery and just staring at it, getting lost in their eyes … (freak!) So the moment Swan Emporium posted their ‘New Ins‘ on Facebook (see this is why I LOVE social media), I jumped at it straight away! And I didn’t regret my choice at all! Look at how cosy they are:

melbourne shop15Cosying up to Typo skull and watermelon painting by Carris Creatures

melbourne shop17
Lost + Found Market
1-5 Perry Street, Collingwood

Lost+ Found Market is a lot like Chapel Street Bazaar, except that there’s a lot more clothes than knick knacks here. Tons and tons, and tons of vintage clothes. I was spinning with delirium.

melbourne shop19melbourne shop20How beautiful are they?

Even though there were a lot of awesome home wares I’ve come across in Melbourne, they were not my top priority. Clothes, shoes and accessories were (sadly but unsurprisingly) and … I was afraid if I’d bought these pretty decorative items, they’ll add weight to my luggage. It turns out that my luggage barely hit the maximum allowance! Dammit.

melbourne shop18melbourne shop21
A bargain queen always assesses the price tag first
melbourne shop22
I told you I take shopping very seriously
melbourne shop23
Me in delirium

It was a hot, hot, hot Summer’s day when we visited Lost + Found. I took a while to scavenge through the store leaving my poor family downstairs gasping for (stuffy) air. I’m eternally grateful for their patience as I managed to get an awesome 90s stripe jumpsuit and a hot pink 80s dress! They weren’t particularly bargain-worthy, but I thought, “Hey, it’s my last day in Melbourne. I don’t know when I’ll be back. I’ll probably never see these clothes again so … YOLO!” Uhm, yeapp. So I walked out being almost $100 poorer. 

melbourne shop24Camberwell Sunday Market
Station Street, Camberwell 

If there is one advice I could offer about the Camberwell Sunday Market, it’s to head there early enough so you can have plenty of time to browse through the whole two carparks but not too early so as to miss out on the last minute bargains. Simply put, try to get there at about 11am. Trading ends at 12:30pm.

There’s SO many things to look at here. I know I’ve been like a broken record repeating this throughout the post but honestly, there’s no better way to describe it. It is like a ridiculously huge junkyard with awesome stuff. And the most random things. During closing time, a stallholder was fiercely trying to sell off his last items – a big box of old magazines. Now, think about it. Why would anyone want a huge stash of old magazines (where there could possibly be a hell load of silverfish stuck in them)? Well, apparently a lady did. For $1. Or maybe it was because it was just a dollar that she got it? Out of good will? Who knows?

melbourne shop25melbourne shop26melbourne shop27melbourne shop28PLENTY of random things huh?

I didn’t take pictures of clothes here because well … I was too busy studying them. I grabbed my buys at the last minute so I guess I had really good bargains: a fairly new Zara blazer for $15, a polka dot top for $4, and two brand new in packaging dress for $31. Whoo!

melbourne shop29
So very happy!

melbourne shop32
Lark Store
94 Gertrude St, Fitzroy

Lark is probably the smallest out of this whole list but it is easily my favourite. Lark is full of glitter, colours, girly things, kitschy things, things I can wholly associate with. I felt right at home!

melbourne shop31Hello Doormat, $75

I first learnt about Lark through @honeyandfizz on Instagram (don’t you just love social media!?) when she bought this very doormat for her home. Her Instagram feed is lovely too by the way. Her home styling is sick. The kind of sick where it’s all light and bright and full of colours. You know, my kind of sick. Anyway, I have been stalking @larkstore ever since and was dying to get myself one of these doormats! That was before I actually got there and Mr. Conscience asked, “Do you truly need a $75 door mat to welcome people into your home and get stepped on just because it’s so pretty? And I know you love type and all but seriously? Your wage isn’t that fantabulous yet,” he challenged. Mr. Conscience has a point. And also he sounds gay. Fantabulous.

But honestly, Lark is full of pretty things that I can’t rationally afford just yet. That doesn’t stop me from loving it though.

melbourne shop33melbourne shop34melbourne shop35melbourne shop36
These colourful ceramics were so hard to resist! If only there weren’t so fragile, and so expensive.

melbourne shop30Decked out in buys from stores not featured in this post but are just as awesome.
Necklace and sandals from Quick Brown Fox Clothing | Bag from Decjuba

If everything to you is expensive, what did you carry in that big bag? I hear you ask. Well, I got this as a gift for my gardening-loving friend and a spotty washi tape. I kinda just wanted to get something you know?

Last but not least, an honorary mention to Pavement.

melbourne shop37Pavement
Various locations

My sister and I stepped into Pavement by accident. Or maybe it was destiny because it was a really good kind of accident. Pavement is actually a store for children between 8-16 year old. The clothes are uber cute and wearable for me (perks of being a shorty) and the stuff there are so girly and just amazing. I immediately felt like I’m 10 all over again. They also do stationery, accessories and perfume/spray ons (that smell really good by the way – better than those celebrities perfumes, if you ask me!) If I had a kid, Pavement would be my go to place! I am also happy to mention that there are stores in WA! Ahh!!

Shopping in Melbourne was really a great experience for me. I just wish I had more time to discover a whole lot of other amazing places too. I’ll be back for sure. For now, I would highly recommend jumping on one of these sites to get your last minute Christmas shopping done!

x hannah

Images are taken using my iPhone or by my brother, Hafiz



I’m having a garage sale this Saturday, 26 October and would love for you to come!

Details are on this poster:

garage sale trailco-designed by my friend Amanda

I’m also taking part in their poster competition … check it out here: and like my entry!

x Hannah


Last weekend, I went to the Thrift Shop Party organised by the beautiful Angeline of Love Thread supported by Anglicare WA.

I had been waiting for this party for 2 weeks! I know it doesn’t seem like a long time, but for someone who never goes to parties, 2 weeks seemed like forever. I visited the op shops on almost every single of my free days to source for my brother’s attire. And along the way, of course I picked up things for myself too. I would be dumb not to!

 hafiz and hannah 1238010_10151622514128008_1704175580_n

There was an Anglicare pop up op shop (where I bought Iylia a pair of Bally oxfords for FIFTEEN-FREAKIN-AMAZIN-DOLLARS), free drinks, pizza and sushi, clothes worn by Angeline for #restyle2013 up for auction (I won a red cocktail dress for $10, yay!) and … PHOTOBOOTH!


How cute is that pink picnic basket? I didn’t buy it, but it would’ve been such a great piece for decor! Plus, it came with polka dotted ceramics!!


Hafiz is wearing a blazer ($6) from Good Sammy and shirt ($5) from Anglicare, and I’m wearing a dress ($6) and clutch ($10) from Good Sammy with thrifted belt and brooch from a while back.


It was also such a pleasure to meet Angeline – she is a really inspiring young lady. Full of ambitions, talent, hardwork and warmth! I know, I sound like I’m gushing – but really, I’m a fan. Check out her blog, Love Thread, to know why.


There, I also met with some amazing ladies too, like Sandy of Hello Parry, Melissa of Sparkles and Fox and Rosy who photographed some of Angie’s restyle looks!


Check out that piece of poop, I mean moustache, on my upper lip! Even waxing won’t get rid of that!


I had a really great time that night! Bargains, a free glass of lemon juice, free sushi, meeting new creatives is always nice too!

A big thanks to Angeline for making this happen! YOU GO GIRL! x

Photos by my brother Hafiz, and Yoshi, a young Graphic Designer and Photographer.


Today was my first time going op-shopping after a long while. I visited a couple of them but saw nothing I really fancied. I’m guessing all the good things have already been snapped up by smart fashion lovers for the upcoming Restyle Campaign.

I was going to give up on the idea of burying my nose in a pile of musty pre-loved clothes when I looked at my watch and thought, “There’s still time to travel and squeeze one more in!”

So here it is, my only op-shop buy of the day: an oversized camel parka from H&M found in Good Sammy’s East Vic Park.


Yeapp. I threw it on the moment I walked out of the store!

IMG_0656IMG_0659IMG_0657Parka – Good Sammy’s, $15 (Gold Seal section) // Top – eBay, USD7.55 // Scarf – Sportsgirl // Bag – c/o Stephie’s  Shop

It’s tagged a size 14 and I still can’t figure out if it’s meant for kids (most likely boys more than girls) or something from the women’s department. The sleeves go on quite long for me, hence the reason why I cuffed it. In any case, I was really excited to wear it out and the rain was the perfect excuse to don it right away!

Do you get the same thrill? Being able to wear your purchases immediately? Do share and let me know I’m not the only one!

xx Hannah

ps. Also a big Happy Birthday to my mama!

All images taken by Iylia.


A couple of days ago, I received my Cat in the Bag tote from Stephie’s Shop and I was so excited to bring it out with me! I only ever had two tote bags in my entire life (one of which can be found here) and to be honest, they’re one of my most used bags, especially for school and for running errands.


They’re low maintenance. No hard feelings leaving them on the ground. Dirty? Throw them into the wash! They’re spacious. I usually carry my $5 Cotton On sequined clutch or my H&M slingbag in it to “compartmentalize” and then dumping everything else around. So easy!! Mostly, they’re safe. Well, my logic is tote bags like the one below are “deep” (omg, am I using the right term?!) and since you’d normally carry it really close to your body, there’s little chance of someone pickpocketing off you! Unless it’s Daddy Longlegs. Or Mrs Incredibles – which shouldn’t pose as a problem for now. And in this case, they’re cute. A cat napping sweetly on the bag … that’s all!

IMG_0266IMG_0270IMG_0265IMG_0269Blazer – Taobao // Scarf & shoes – Sportsgirl // Accessories – Lovisa // Bag – c/o Stephie’s Shop

It has also been craaaazzyyyyy cold!! I never leave home without a knitted scarf these days. It’s the only thing that keeps me most comfortable when it gets chilly – I’ll literally just bury my face in it much like in the shot above! Warm and fuzzy.

All photos taken by my best friend, Kristal.


I paid Swan Valley another visit when my family was here, because I’d promised to bring my mom for scones at Cape Lavender. Of course we didn’t stop there – we did our usual touristy pit stops at places like Margaret River Chocolate Factory and House of Honey.


Maggie’s Place


Cape Lavender

1016647_10151488592623008_38383474_nHouse of Honey

1002276_10151488602673008_1095283823_nCaversham House

Even though we are 14 years apart, my sister really is one of my bestest (shhh, go away Grammar Nazis) friends. She is my personal hairstylist, my favourite shopping buddy who will no doubt complain but I can keep her quiet by feeding her (hahaha! I know I sound so horrible), someone who nurses me when I’m sick  especially when I’m down with really bad cramps, and just always knows how to make my day! I’ve missed being around her and I was so sad when she went back home, but I can’t wait for her to visit me again in August!


We even seized the opportunity to buy Jelly Beans together, courtesy of my mama! :D

And just some glamorous shots of me taken by my brother:

993057_10151488593158008_447535293_n7158_10151488592083008_490764391_nIMG_9134Dress – Princess Polly // Vest – Kmart // Bag – H&M // Jelly Beans – A Little Love // Bunny ears – Found in my brother’s car (I’m not sure why he has it!?)

I am almost there, almost (!!) with my backlogged outfit posts! Hope you guys are enjoying them so far!

All pictures taken by my brother


If you follow me on Instagram (@thepocketissue – hehe!), you’d know that I’ve been busy this past week because …

my family was here! They’ve gone back now and I miss my sister so bad! But I’m going to be an optimist about this (yes, lyrics from Pompeii) and relish in the fact that I can finally update the blog now!

Anyway, back to the title of my post. I held my second flea with Sorry We’re Clothed last Sunday at the South Perth Civic Centre.

1017297_10151483542653008_2036855906_nIMG_8956Accessories starting from $2 (!!) and shoes (brand new or rarely worn) starting from $15 

The accessories I was selling on that day. I still have quite a fair bit left, and have had requests to sell them online – so look out for it!

998322_10151483544633008_583096816_nWearing my new ’89 jumper loud and proud :D


We headed down to Fremantle after having a great time at the flea market so that my family can finally taste the best macarons ever from Maison Saint Honore. I know I said the same of Laduree’s back in my 2010 Spain trip I posted here. But now I can truly attest to the delightful taste of Perth’s very own macarons. Salted caramel is always my #1 pick!

IMG_8889Ugh, so yummmmmy!

Sweater – Glassons, here // Necklace – The Pocket Issue, $8 (interested? Let me know!) // Skirt – eBay, $12 // Jellybeans – A Little Love (not exactly the cheapest option but oh well! Been lemming for it too long to be bothered about getting the best deals :/ yikes)

Photos taken by my brother, Hafiz.

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